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07 Mar, 2021

Kyathos Winery

Kyathos winery is located in Northern Greece at the foothill of Menikiou mountain in the historical village of Emmanouil Pappas, 15km of the town of Serres. The winery was founded in 2006 and from 2009 it is housed in modern facilities 1500 square meters in an area of 4 hectares

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The name of the winery comes from the name of an ancient earthenware, kyathos (or 'arytaina' or 'antlitirion'). Kyathos was a spoon in a cup-shaped form with a high upwardly handle.

It served as an utensil for extracting wine from the earthenware jars or as a drinking vessel.

The winery is equipped with cutting edge technology means of vinification such as: crushing machines, pneumatic press, stainless tanks for the pre-fermentation maceration of white wines, stainless steel fermentation and stabilization tanks with controlled cooling system and oak barrels for the aging of red wines.