kyathoswines - Voria Gi
08 May, 2021



Varieties: Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon - Cinsaut.

Category: Protected Geographical Indication Serres, Red dry.

Location: Emmanuel Pappas Serres.

Vineyard: Linear in altitude of 250m.

Yield per hectare: 1100 kg per acre.

Vinification: Classic red vinification in separate refrigerated stainless steel tanks for each variety, with controlled temperature at 28-25 °C. Afterwards the malolactic fermentation is followed.

Characteristics: The result of the three varieties produces a wine with deep purple color and a complex bouquet. The wine has a rich balanced flavor with a full body and velvety aftertaste.

Food pairing: red meat grilled or stewed, flavored hunting dishes.

Serve: At 14-16 °C.