kyathoswines - Voria Gi Dry White
06 Mar, 2021

Voria Gi White


Varieties: Malagousia - Assyrtiko.

Category: Dry White Wine.

Location: Emmanuel Pappas Serres.

Vineyard: Linear in altitude of 250m.

Yield per hectare: 1200 kg per acre.

Vinification: The three varieties are vinified separately at low temperatures. The final blend gives us an aromatic and balanced wine with excellent acidity and pleasant aftertaste.

CharacteristicsWealthy aromas with richness in the mouth. A robust blend of three varieties that endows this wine with quite intensive balsamic and fruity aromas. Velvety and balanced mouthfeel, with volume and intense acidity. Fruity aftertaste that lasts.

Food pairingFish, poultry, cheeses, risotto and dishes with rich white sauces.

Serve: At 12 -14 °C.